Positive Thinking

There is a (r)evolution happening.

People are reclaiming the experiences currently called mental 'illness' and organisations are redefining how they support mental health and wellbeing.

Positive Thinking is a catalyst for change, providing organisations with proven research and development from a lived experience perspective.

People Creating Positive Change

We are taking the opportunites to own our health and wellbeing.

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We know what we need and when we need it. We connect with the right information in the right way to educate and heal ourselves.

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Supporting one another is the most human of instincts. Talking, listening and taking action is the peer support and social inclusion we need.

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Whole Health

Looking beyond biology we focus on the whole of our lives. Embracing the emotional and spiritual, our wellbeing becomes magical!

Positive Thinking works with innovative agencies to lead the transformation of mental health

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Organisations Making A Difference

Three trends drive the best mental health and wellbeing services.

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User Led

Lived experience is essential in the design and implementation of services. Leaders have personal as well as professional expertise in mental health.

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A new philosophy and methodology of collaboration is reshaping the sector. Mutual respect and valuing different voices is creating meaningful change.


Creating bespoke pathways moves us away from one-size-fits-all. It allows for truly tailored support for our individuality and our unique situation.

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Gareth Edwards

Positive Thinking is run by founder and director Gareth Edwards.

Starting life as an academic with a BSc Hons Psychology and a MSc Applied Artificial Intelligence, he was mid-way through a Psychology PhD when he began experiencing extreme lows and highs. This led to homelessness, compulsory hospitalisation and a diagnosis of Type 1 Bipolar Disorder.

His recovery journey included almost every job in health services, government and universities to try to ‘change the system from within’.

He had roles as a psychiatric nurse aide, psycho-education group facilitator, homelessness key worker, anti-stigma activist, human rights educator, trainer, researcher, evaluator, analyst, funder, project manager and service manager. In 2006 he created Positive Thinking as a platform for lived experience leadership.

In the last decade he has built, run and evaluated mental health services and programs in New Zealand and overseas. He specialises in 'alternatives and adjunct' to traditional services like human rights approaches, self-help and peer support, and digital mental health.

He is also an inspiring MC, keynote speaker and entertainer. He blends personal stories and original music to bring a unique and playful perspective on transforming health and wellbeing. He is currently writing an autobiographically based blueprint for how individuals, communities and societies can live well. He lives with his family in Nelson, New Zealand.

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