Can I help you?

We'll only know when we talk about what you want to achieve.

Here are some tasters of the changes that have inspired me.

If you see something that inspires you, contact me.

  • Government

    It's tough at the top. Everyone thinks you can simply click your fingers and make the world a better place.

    I've worked with enough ministries and crown entities to know this is far from the case.

    But I also know the powerful potential there is to shape policy and lead strategic direction for the sector.

    I discovered this as the 'lived experience' advisor to the Ministry of Health on the first Suicide Prevention Strategy. I went to be an advisor to the Ministry on the Like Minds campaign to reduce stigma and discrimination and the National Depression Initiative media campaign.

    I've also contributed to community programs with the Human Rights Commission and strategic development work for the Mental Health Commission of Canada and the Australian National Mental Health Commission.

  • Universities

    Knowledge is power. Well, kind of.

    I've done enough research and evaluation to know it's more like 'influence'. If you're lucky.

    But I also know the importance of academic rigour and ethical, methodical approaches to improving the sector.

    I helped develop the approach to using 'lived experience' at Auckland University and co-created the inaugural Service Users in Academia Symposium where I gave the keynote address. I also helped lead research in to the media reporting of suicide and pioneering co-design research on supported housing.

    I also have a role at the Centre for eHealth at AUT University where I've led two national projects for the Health Promotion Agency exploring the awareness, uptake an optimal engagement with anxiety and depression resources and services.

  • Health Services

    Ideas are only useful when they are implemented.

    I'm lucky that services get me on board to help articulate the vision and make improvements.

    I've been invited to help with most aspects from strategy and policy, budgeting and bidding, operational planning, user-pathways, workforce development and evaluation and evidence building.

    A great example is my service architect role with Homecare Medical to bid for and implement the National Telehealth Service. It was a privilege to lead the integration of four national mental health and addiction services.

  • Community

    When the community leads, the community benefits.

    This is the work that feels the most heartfelt and relevant for me.

    As a musician, I have a soft spot for the creative arts. I was on the board for Toi Ora and have led songwriting workshops and gigs for service users at Centre 401 in affiliation with the MadPride movement.

    And I have supported the Rākau Roroa / Tall Trees program at Changing Minds thats supporting people to share their stories. I think this is the most exciting thing in mental health as our stories are what makes the difference.

  • Keynote

    Now and again someone brave asks me to speak.

    I've given keynotes in New Zealand and Australia and they are… different.

    Here's last years keynote at the International eHealth Forum.