The Positive Thinking Way

Positive thinking is where intelligence and imagination meet.

Change comes from a bold vision and robust follow through.

This is the Positive Thinking way - dream big, do things properly.

That's how we make a difference for our people and our sector.

People are owning their wellbeing

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We know what we need and when we need it. We connect with the right information in the right way to educate and heal ourselves in our own way.

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Supporting one another is the most human of instincts. Talking, listening and taking action is the peer support and social inclusion we need.

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Whole Health

Looking beyond biology we focus on the whole of our lives. Embracing the emotional, social and spiritual, our wellbeing becomes magical!

The mental health sector is improving

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User Led

Lived experience is essential in the design and implementation of services. Leaders have personal as well as professional expertise in mental health.

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A new philosophy and methodology of collaboration is reshaping the sector. Mutual respect and valuing different voices is creating meaningful change.


Creating bespoke pathways moves us away from one-size-fits-all. It allows for truly tailored support for our individuality and our unique situation.