Gareth Edwards

Hi, my name is Gareth Edwards.

I started life as an academic with a BSc Psychology and a MSc Artificial Intelligence, and was mid-way through my Psychology PhD when I began experiencing extreme lows and highs. I became homeless, sectioned and diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder.

After leaving hospital I started working to 'change the system from within' with roles as a psychiatric nurse aide, psycho-education group facilitator, homelessness key worker, anti-stigma activist, human rights educator, trainer, university researcher, evaluator, analyst, funder, project manager and service manager.

In 2006 I created Positive Thinking as a platform for lived experience leadership.

I have built, run and evaluated mental health services and programs in New Zealand and overseas. I specialises in 'alternatives and adjunct' to traditional services based on self-help and peer support, human rights, and digital mental health.

I am also an inspiring and entertaining keynote speaker. I blend stories and songs to bring a unique and playful perspective on transforming health and wellbeing.